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Ad Campaign

Campaign for the leading European
neobank. Delivered in over 150 assets in
four languages using AI voiceovers
and virtual production.


Rebrand Campaign

Multifaceted campaign including creative direction, motion design, 3D animation and digital environments.

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6 Weeks

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INZO - Drift Like a Cloud, Flow Like Water

AI Music Video

Delving into the expansive psychedelic world of INZO with the use of generative artificial intelligence.

Stable Diffusion


Global Campaign

End to end production for the China based smartphone company INFINIX, subsidiary of Transsion group. Shot in Dubrovnik, Croatia with an international team for global markets.

Dr. Martens

Video Commercial

'...Dr. Martens often represents their brand as an urban youth driven form of rebellion. Asphalt, grey modern buildings, grungy alleys, alternative music are the backdrop of the visual identity. The concept of the video is to do just that but in the context of the old, really old. The commercial is shot in a 1700 year old Roman Palace. Instead of modern concrete environment there are Egyptian sphinxes, stone arches, Roman columns... In order to show that old can be new.'


Perfume Commercial

The commercial aims to portray the essence of the Adriatic Sea in which the ADRIA perfume is born. 


Spec Ad

The ad exemplifies the values of Nike to strive and achieve. 

'..Trying, failing, getting up and trying again. Reaching your goal and then trying to reach a bigger one. Again.'



Spec Ad

Adidas POD-S3.1

Video Commercial

End to end video production from brief to delivery in 4 days. 

Red Bull

Video Commercial

A colour grading project striving to reach a balance between cinematic achievement and the adrenaline charged Red Bull challenge.

Dubrovnik Tourist Board

Advertising Campaign

The campaign welcomes tourists back to Dubrovnik after a long pandemic. Displayed across London Underground it aims to accommodate the viewer inside of a gloomy metro station by offering a 'window' into a destination of beauty, culture and pleasure.


Fashion Photoshoot


Launch Campaign

In its premiere campaign, IUTD invites you to take a glimpse into brand's creative universe.


Video Commercial

The Alcatel mobile commercial embodies the excitement and freedom of youth, focusing on capturing moments of fun and adventure.

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