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Dr. Martens

Video Commercial

Dr. Martens is a brand that historically represents the cultural shifts grounded on the ideals of the non conforming youth. While being at the forefront of new movements it didn't follow the fleeing flavour of trends throughout the years. It stayed true to its roots, and its design.
It was old on the feet of the new.

The messages that underlies this video is to show that old is indeed new.
New isn't a new form, it is a new perspective.

Dr. Martens often represents their brand as a urban youth driven form of rebellion.
Asphalt, grey modern buildings, grungy alleys, alternative music are the backdrop of the visual identity. The concept of the video is to do just that but in the context of the old, really old.
The commercial was shot in a 1700 year old Roman Palace. Instead of modern concrete environment there are Egyptian sphinxes, stone arches, Roman columns...
In order to show that old can be new.

Director - Toma Kezic
Director of Photography - Toma Kezic
Editor - Toma Kezic
Colour Grading - Toma Kezic
Music - TopLady


"“I was amazed by what Toma can do in a day
with a small budget. The efficiency of production
and commitment to his craft was far beyond expectations as well as the final product with
which I couldn’t be more happy with.” "

Tomo Jelavic, Marketing Executive Director

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