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Global Campaign

Producer - Toma Kezic
Art Director - Toma Kezic
Casting - Toma Kezic
Photographer - Toma Kezic
Photo Editing & Retouching - Toma Kezic
Compositing - Toma Kezic
Set Design - Toma Kezic
Stylist - Joshua Cirjak

"As our first production in Europe we were 
worried about the outcome
. I was extremely
happy to have chosen Toma to work with. He handled our Global Campaign very well and on
time despite the many moving pieces that had to
be managed in a production done abroad with an international team. Not only was the production well organised, but the photos that resulted were great and on point with our brand image.
We continue working together and have faith in Toma delivering the results we hope for."

Vincent Bao, Infinix Mobility Video Manager

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