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Rebrand Campaign

The aim of this rebranding video is to communicate the full-service production capabilities of Matemade whilst retaining the bold, but elegant approach. 

The entire process was six weeks due to
the time and cost efficiency in the way it was structured. Considering most of the processes were executed by one person the typical multiple communication layers vanished which allowed for higher efficiency and focus to deliver the right product. This likewise affected typical delays between different participants in the production pipeline which were decreased.

Concept - Toma Kezic
Storyboard - Toma Kezic
Copywriting - Toma Kezic & Matemade
Director - Toma Kezic
Director of Photography - Niels Gross
Gaffer - Yob Van Der Vliet & Toma Kezic
Focus Puller - Yob Van Der Vliet
Editor - Toma Kezic
Motion Graphics - Toma Kezic
Set Design - Toma Kezic
3D & VFX- Toma Kezic
Compositing - Toma Kezic
Colorist - Toma Kezic
Sound Design & Music - Sjoerd Jansen
Production Agency - Matemade

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