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Spec Ad

The video advertisement stems from the values Nike brand holds. It portrays the path to achievement of continuous perseverance. The core message 'AGAIN' communicates those values.

Success is often perceived as a point in time. Success is not achieved overnight.

It is a process. Doing it over and over again. Everyday, again and again. Trying, falling, getting up and trying again. Reaching your goal and then trying to reach a bigger one. 


Concept - Toma Kezic
Storyboard - Toma Kezic
Copywriting - Toma Kezic
Producer - Toma Kezic
Production Assistant - Bowen Lyu (吕博文
Director - Toma Kezic
Director of Photography - Toma Kezic
Editor - Toma Kezic
Compositing - Toma Kezic
Colorist - Toma Kezic
Music - Elio Civalleri
Sound Design - Toma Kezic
Photographer -
 Hugo Onink

“The depth to which every detail of
the production process and the end product is considered is super impressive. Toma does not let anything out of sight and gives a lot of care for each and every part of the project.”

Bowen Lyu (吕博文), Operations Supervisor at Infinix Mobile (ex. Freelance Producer)

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