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INZO - Drift Like a Cloud, Flow Like Water

AI Music Video

"It was of immense pleasure to collaborate once again. Toma's taste and relentless
attention to detail is undeniable as he keeps pushing the boundaries of what seems possible."

Petar Puljiz, Virtual Producer

Global Campaign


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“As our first production in Europe we were worried about the outcome.
I was extremely happy to have chosen Toma to work with. He handled our Global Campaign
very well and on time despite the many moving pieces that had
to be managed in a production done abroad with an international team. Not only was the production well organised, but the photos that resulted were great and on point with our brand image.
We continue working together and have faith in Toma delivering the results we hope for.”

Vincent Bao, Infinix Mobility Video Manager

Video Commercial


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"I was amazed by what Toma can do in a day with a small budget.
The efficiency of production and commitment to his craft was far b
eyond expectations
as well as the final product with which I couldn't be more happy with."

Tomo Jelavic, Digital Marketing Executive

Perfume Commercial


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"The whole team couldn't believe the results. 
Truly amazing what type of production level Toma can deliver. What I liked the
most was that we didn’t need to stress about anything, Toma handled the whole
process and we would rarely need to engage as everything went smoothly

Denis Lulic, Founder & Owner

Spec Ad



“The depth to which every detail of the production process and the
product is considered is super impressive. Toma does not let anything out of
sight and gives a lot of care for each and every part of the project.”

Bowen Lyu (吕博文), Operations Supervisor at Infinix Mobile (ex. Freelance Producer)

Launch Campaign



“Toma was a valuable part of the team as a videographer
as well as a photographer, with his expertise in VFX he added
a new flair to the campaign which we loved!”

Joshua Cirjak, Founder & Owner

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